Vape Stash Drip Tips

All Vape Stash drip tips feature our signature 316L stainless surgical steel base and completely free-hand shaped acrylic for a truly one-of-a-kind tip.  A beveled bottom hole helps prevent an air lock when dripping so more juice gets on the atomizer than in your mouth, and double o-rings ensure a perfect fit in most feeds.

All Vape Stash drip tips feature a glue free construction on a signature US made 316L stainless surgical steel base. No molds or guides are used; every tip style is shaped entirely by hand and eye. This, along with the near limitless patterns and colours offered by acrylic, ensure that no two tips are ever alike.

Each tip is finished using a custom blended polish that brings an almost glass-like shine. Then the tips are individually washed by hand , air dried and then packaged.

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