About Us

At Mac Vapes we sell electronic cigarettes and vaping supplies as an alternative to smoking.

  • Mac Vapes is located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, we only do online sales.
  • We have been in business since March 2014.
  • Our online store has been running since April 2014, website development is not our strong point, vaping is.
  • The Mac Vapes team is comprised of me (everyone calls me Major) and our friends that help promote this great alternative to smoking.

  • Here's our story;

    After years of smoking I came across something online that caught my interest, with no intention of quitting smoking I placed my order, and waited for my fancy new gadget to arrive. It's been almost 7 years since my last tobacco cigarette.

    You may have heard of e cigs or tobacco alternatives and that's exactly what Mac Vapes offers. But this isn't the things you see on the counter at the gas station or at the drug store, this is truly an alternative way of getting your nicotine.

    Friends, family and co-workers have seen the benefits of vaping so we have started Mac Vapes.

    If you're just getting started we have the gear to get you going. If you are a pro vaper we offer higher end hardware and accessories to add to your collection, as well as a variety of juices in over 100 yummy flavours.

    Our goal is to provide; tried, tested and true products with excellent customer service.



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