The Root

The Root

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From day one, our main objective was to create a flavor that not only tasted like Root Beer, but that truly captured the full-bodied experience that Root Beer provides.

  1. First, we built the “rooty” base of the flavor by carefully selecting and balancing spices and unique earth tones in minute amounts.
  2. Then, we endeavored to replicate the sweet syrupy goodness of the flavor.
  3. Once we got that just right, it was time to blend these two flavor profiles together! We took the rootiness and the sweetness (which we referred to as “light” and “dark”) and combined them. This last phase took the longest because we wanted to ensure we achieved the perfect balance between “light” and “dark”.

The result is a beautifully balanced flavor that preserves the earthy authenticity of Root Beer yet is also enjoyable to vape all-day-long. And yes, we're pretty proud of it!



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