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XTAR VC2 Plus Master Smart Charger

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First Smart USB Charger with Countdown Timer:
As a breakthrough innovation, VC2 Plus Master is a smart charger that has countdown timer for each bay showing the time it needs to fully charge the battery. It can recognize, charge, and display both Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries at the same time and you can totally control the charging speed (0.5A/1.0A) as you like. In order to save time, the USB Output with Power-Path Management System enables you to charge both batteries and the external device at the same time while power is connected!

Main Features:
● Universal battery charger:
Li-ion: 10440 / 14500 / 14650 / 16340 / 17500 / 17670 / 18350 / 18500 / 18650 / 18700 / 22650 / 25500 / 26650
Ni-MH: AAAA / AAA / AA / A / SC / C / D
● Algorithm (CC.CV) charging system
Allows each battery slot to charge individually, LCD display real time status of each battery
● Optional charging current: 0.5A, 1.0A, automatically adjust suitable charging current
● USB output function: Max output current up to 1000mAh
● Under voltage lockout system: Automatically stop output to protect battery when battery voltage is 3.0V ± 0.3V, auto-recharge when battery voltage is 3.9V ± 0.15V
● Soft start technology / reverse-polarity protection circuit board / automatically cut off charging function to prolong the lifespan of batteries / 0V activation

Input: DC 5V / 2.1A
0.5A constant charge current: 500mA plus / minus 50mA
1.0A constant charge current: 1000mA plus / minus 80mA
Terminated current: Less than or equal to 60mA (0.5A), less than or equal to 100mA (1.0A)
Terminated voltage: 4.2V (plus / minus 0.05V)
Operation temperature: 0 - 40 degree centigrade

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